Vitimeteo Group

Who we are:

Vitimeteo is a cooperation project of State Viticulture Institute - Freiburg(D), the Swiss Federal Institute Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil (CH) as well as the company GEOsens measurement system and software developement (D).


For scientific contributions to the models, we would like to thank Dr. Hill from DLR Oppenheim, Dr. Kast from the LVWO Weinsberg and Dr. Maixner from JKI (in historical order). Luisa Mattedi from Istituto Agrario San Michele all'Adige and Tentino and Mauro Varner from the cooperative Mezzacorona have supported the qualitiy assurance with valuable rating data. Others like viticulture consultants, dedicated grape pickers and gardeners have contributed to the success of Vitimeteo. You are all thanked.

Our Misson:

The VitiMeteo Group is dedicated to develop and maintain models of plant protection and disease management based on the latest scientific findings and improved by constant validation.

All tools are desigend for two main user groups:

  • End users, that is vine growers
  • Professional users, that is advisory services

The overall goal is to help and support vine growers and viticulture and protect the environment by optimising plant protecton.

How we work:

The two governmental research organisations WBI and Agroscope are owners of all VitiMeteo models.

GEOsens, a small company located near Freiburg, is responsible for development and operation of the models as well as for commercialisation. The models are available, the revenues generated by sales go back to the VitiMeteo Group and are spent for further developments.

When we started:

The VitiMeteo Group was constitued in 2002, when we started developing VM Plasmopara. Since then we hold regular group meetings twice a year, besides frequent informal exchange in the group as well as to many contributors from science and economy.