How to participate

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It is easy to participate in VitiMeteo.
All you need is a weather station providing these data at least hourly:

  • Air Temperature
  • Precipitations
  • Relative air humidity
  • leaf wetness

There are two ways to use VitiMeteo: Vitimeteo as a service and buying VitiMeteo models.

VitiMeteo as a service

You upload your waether data daily and we provide the model results on the internet. This includes:
Data upload: You upload weather data via internet to our server, at least once a day.
Model calculation: We calculate the models you have ordered, usually in the morning and one midday.
Model Results: The model results are on the internet, on one of the Vitimeteo-Domains.

Technical Details

Data Upload

Your weather station software must be able to provide the weather data in a text file. You upload these text files via Internet  / FTP to our server. Before we start we need to check / adjust to the format of your data. Here is a short description of interface for weather data as we prefer it
in german: Info Datenupload and in french: Info téléchargement des données

Note that some weather station manufacturers like eg. Pessl or Adcon offer or even include the data service with their stations. In this case it may be possible that we download the weather data directly from the manufacturers site (this currently works for Pessl) or find agreement an some form of data exchange with them to save you the hassle of data management.

Model calculation

VitiMeteo offers a set of well-tested grape disease models. You may contract for one or several models. Prices depend on the model, but are typically 150.- Euro per model, year and station or less.

If you wish we may provide weather forecast data. We get these data from MeteoBlue, an innovative meteo service that delivers highest quality weather data all over the world. Meteoblue weather forecast is available for 100.- Euro per station and year, regardles of the number of models you use.

We offer rebates for bigger numbers of stations, please ask geosens for a quote.

Model Results

Typically we present the model results on one of our internet sites, according to your country and language. We may restrict access, but according to the open nature of the VitiMeteo project we encourage everyone to make thier data freely accessible for mutual benefit. Technically the models produce a set of files (graphics, excel, text, html) that are accessible via URL. You may download these files and use them as you wish or link to them from you own web site. All we request is that the VitiMeteo logo is visible on the graphics and VitiMeteo is mentioned as source.